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6 thoughts on “ Nothingness - Aegri Somnia - Nothingness

  1. Apr 23,  · Nothingness does not have being but is supported by being. It comes into existence through the for-itself and allows consciousness to exist. Negations are acts which contain negativity as part of their structure (ex: absence.) He /5.
  2. Being and Nothingness Quotes Showing of 22 “It is therefore senseless to think of complaining since nothing foreign has decided what we feel, what we live, or what we are.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness.
  3. In existentialism: Ontic structure of human existence (as possibility) appears as the nothingness of Being, as the negation of every reality of fact.
  4. Jun 17,  · What Is Nothingness in Physics and the Universe? Updated on June 17, Glenn Stok. more. Nothingness, as I refer to in this article, is the emptiness between all matter. That includes the emptiness between the elements of atoms. It's all mostly empty space. That emptiness explains how the entire universe could fit in a single black hole.
  5. They decided to give a name to nothingness, and thereby the made it become something. Like you God, who is nothing, can no longer be nothing since he is God. You could be a god for men. They need to give a body to nothingness so that nothingness can be seen and touched-at least with the imagination.” ― Aldo Palazzeschi, Man of Smoke.
  6. Nothingness was the actor's guarantee of perfection, and it could only be met with devotion, sacrifice and long periods of discipline and privation. From Cambridge English Corpus   She perceives nothingness as being, being as nothingness, the probable as improbable, and the impossible as possible. From Cambridge English Corpus.

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